Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dr. Carmen April - Top Forty Under 40 Nashville Business Journal

Nashville Business Journal Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient - What an incredible honor!

Every morning that I wake up with breath in my body, I feel overwhelmingly blessed! God is soooooo good that I don't know how to thank Him sometimes. God has a plan for my life that is bigger than anything I can comprehend. 

When I started my medical practice a couple of years ago and became the FACE of my business, I realized that a lot of people were looking at me, up to me, etc. I made a promise to God at that time that whenever I am given the opportunity to tell my story of entrepreneurship, starting and running this blog, acknowledged with an award, etc I will always publicly acknowledge HIM because the only reason that I am able to succeed at these things is because of HIM.

So, right now, I am publicly acknowledging God for blessing me with this recognition:

I have been recognized as a Nashville Business Journal Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient for 2013! It really feels great to be recognized for my hard work in my career and in the community!

The organizers wanted us all to feel like "Rock Stars" so the Awards Ceremony took place at the Wildhorse Saloon Downtown Nashville......it was a great location! This is me receiving my award :-)

On my way home from the Ceremony, I visited one of my favorite new coffee/lunch spots appropriately called Coffee. Lunch. (Blog post about them coming soon!!!!). The Barista, Khalil Davis, was kind enough to take my photo with my award since the lighting here was so much better for my iPhone than the light in the Wildhorse Saloon during the ceremony!

Below is a screenshot from my first feature in the Nashville Business Journal as a Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient. They asked what my 18-year old self who find surprising about myself now and about my favorite app. Check it out below:

If you can't read the small print here, you can follow this link to the actual slide show in the NBJ. My feature is slide 8 of 40.

I've had a great time meeting so many new people as a result of receiving this recognition and I thank God for this blessing!

-Dr. April

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