Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dr. Carmen April - Top Forty Under 40 Nashville Business Journal

Nashville Business Journal Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient - What an incredible honor!

Every morning that I wake up with breath in my body, I feel overwhelmingly blessed! God is soooooo good that I don't know how to thank Him sometimes. God has a plan for my life that is bigger than anything I can comprehend. 

When I started my medical practice a couple of years ago and became the FACE of my business, I realized that a lot of people were looking at me, up to me, etc. I made a promise to God at that time that whenever I am given the opportunity to tell my story of entrepreneurship, starting and running this blog, acknowledged with an award, etc I will always publicly acknowledge HIM because the only reason that I am able to succeed at these things is because of HIM.

So, right now, I am publicly acknowledging God for blessing me with this recognition:

I have been recognized as a Nashville Business Journal Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient for 2013! It really feels great to be recognized for my hard work in my career and in the community!

The organizers wanted us all to feel like "Rock Stars" so the Awards Ceremony took place at the Wildhorse Saloon Downtown Nashville......it was a great location! This is me receiving my award :-)

On my way home from the Ceremony, I visited one of my favorite new coffee/lunch spots appropriately called Coffee. Lunch. (Blog post about them coming soon!!!!). The Barista, Khalil Davis, was kind enough to take my photo with my award since the lighting here was so much better for my iPhone than the light in the Wildhorse Saloon during the ceremony!

Below is a screenshot from my first feature in the Nashville Business Journal as a Top Forty Under 40 Award Recipient. They asked what my 18-year old self who find surprising about myself now and about my favorite app. Check it out below:

If you can't read the small print here, you can follow this link to the actual slide show in the NBJ. My feature is slide 8 of 40.

I've had a great time meeting so many new people as a result of receiving this recognition and I thank God for this blessing!

-Dr. April

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring time is HERE at Dinner With Nerds!

Spring Time Is Here @ Dinner With Nerds!

Even though the first day of Spring in Nashville saw temperatures in the 40's, in my mind, flowers were blooming, bright green leaves on trees were swaying in the breeze and bunny rabbits were hopping along in the fields! Like I said......that was all in my mind :-)

The change of seasons has encouraged me to Spring-i-fy (Yes, I just TOTALLY made up that word!) some of my pictures of the Dinner With Nerds Site and Blog!

Green has always been my favorite color which could be one of the reasons why I LOVE Spring so much! My Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority colors are Pink & Green so I wear a lot of it on a fairly regular basis - Case in point...........See below

What are you doing to Spring-i-fy your life this year??

--Dr. April

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nashville City Club - A Little Taste of The Bay

A Little Taste of the Bay @ The Nashville City Club

A while back I mentioned that I had an absolutely fantastic crab cake at my "dining room away from home" - The Nashville City Club. Of course, since it was lunch and I was already there, I had to indulge in some other fabulous Cuisine that Executive Chef John Williams was cooking up and I've included them here for your viewing pleasure as well!

Fruit Tea....you can never go wrong with fruit tea (especially when you add a couple of packets of Splenda to it!)

A little bread with my fruit tea made was a good start to a Great lunch!

TaaaaDaaaaaa! Here it is - the AMAZING Crab Cake that I have been raving about! How many of you have ever had a crab cake that had more "cake" than crab?!?!? I have and those are certainly not my favorites. The beauty of this crab cake is that there is waaaaaaaay more actual crab meat than breading and I love it! The blood orange salsa and the caramelized onion aioli adds an intensity of flavor that perfectly compliments the crab cake itself!

Crab Cake with caramelized onion aioli and blood orange salsa

So NICE I had to show it twice! Crab Cake with Caramelized onion aioli, blood orange salsa

Here are those scrumptious Fried Green Tomatoes again!!I love the accents of local Cheddar Pimento Cheese, country ham, chow chow
Fried Green Tomatoes

BBQ Char - Crispy onions, local pepper jack grits, braised spinach, blood orange "Q"
Yum Yum! The flavorful BBQ skin of this fish coupled with the smooth and savory grits is Amazing!

Free Range Chicken - Sharp Cheddar Mash Potatoes, braised greens, roasted corn & tomato jus
I loved that the greens had a nice little "kick" to them! The cheddar mash potatoes were To-die-for!

This was my first time having a Pear Crisp and boy was I surprised with the goodness. The warm diced pears just kind of melted in my mouth :-). This was also my first time having brown butter ice cream and the warm creaminess of it paired perfectly with the sweetness of the pears!

Pear Crisp - Oat crumble, brown butter ice cream, almond tuile

How can I forget about the raspberries!!! Pretty awesome!

Whew.......... What an amazing lunch!!! Now all I need to do is take a visit to a shore in Maryland and listen to Otis Redding sing "Sitting on the dock of the Bay"

In case you forgot the words to the song, I've included it here for you to listen to LOL!

Have a great day!!!!

--Dr. Carmen April

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Legato Gelato - A Little Taste of Italian Sweetness in the Heart of Nashville

A Little Taste of Italian Sweetness in the Heart of Nashville - 

I initially planned to wait until my feature on Legato Gelato comes out in Mocha Market Magazine to share these pics with you all but, "Springing Forward" for Daylight Savings Time this past Sunday has me feeling all "Springy" and conjures up thoughts of indulging in fresh gelato and sorbetto on an easy breezy spring afternoon!

Here is a preview to the story on Legato Gelato's owner Terri-Ann Nicholls. This awesome Gelateria, nestled in the Edgehill Village neighborhood of Nashville, TN not only has some of the BEST Gelato and Sorbetto in Nashville, but also has a inviting atmosphere that will make you want to come and stay awhile :-)

You guys will also be some of the first to know when the article on Legato Gelato hits the news stands in April!

Can't you see yourself sitting out here on a sunny afternoon indulging in a large cup of fresh Gelato???

Each batch of gelato and sorbetto is made FRESH in house every morning!

Affogato - Espresso with a scoop of Gelato -  Who knew???

I'm in love with the decor of Legato Gelato!

One of my favorites.....Chocolate Peppermint Gelato!

Just in Time for the Holidays....Egg Nog flavored Gelato

Blood Orange Sorbetto - How refreshing!!!!!

So Cozy..........

.......And Classy!

Yep...........that's me getting my photography on!!!!

Owner Terri-Ann Nichols uses many local suppliers such as True Bee Honey to create her fantastic Gelato

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate - Another local company that owner Terri-Ann Nichols supports by selling their products and using those products in her some of her gelato recipes

Affagato - Espresso with a scoop of Gelato. Great combination of hot and cold!

Have you figured out that Terri-Ann really loves to support local suppliers in her shop??? She sell cookies by Dozen - a Nashville Sweet Shop

Legato Gelato is Socially Active! Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Yelp

I love restaurants/shops that embrace technology! Legato Gelato uses an iPad instead of a traditional cash register to accept payment......

Counter Culture Coffee

WOW, that is one HECK of an espresso machine!

I'll take mine on a waffle cone......please!

Chocolate Peppermint Gelato and Blood Orange Sorbetto - great combination!

No, I did not fly down to Miami, FL for this shot...It's still Legato Gelato! Love the interior colors :-)

You can find Legato Gelato online @ www.legatogelato.com


Visit them in person @

1200 Villa Place, Suite 113
Nashville, TN 37212

Owner Terri-Ann Nicholls was a joy to interview and I can't wait for you all to see the full article next month. Be on the lookout for my upcoming Mocha Market Magazine article for more on this great Gelateria!
--Dr. April

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Harper's Restaurant feature in Mocha Market Magazine

Restaurant Spotlight featuring Harper's Restaurant in Mocha Market Magazine

I'm so excited that the latest edition of Mocha Market Magazine (Volume 3, Issue 1) is now on the stands and available online!! My Restaurant Spotlight for this issue is on Harper's Restaurant here in Nashville, TN.

Check it out online by following this link below (Pages 64 & 65)

or take a look below!

--Dr. April