Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fish Fry in Mississippi

Fish Fry in Mississippi

Even though I did not do an official weigh-in over the recent Christmas Holiday season, I'm sure that I gained an extra 5 pounds between all of the holiday dinners that my family had. I come from a large southern family and one of our traditions when relatives come in from out of town is to throw a fish fry. Because I was doing more socializing with my family than taking pictures this evening, I only have a few pics to share with you.  However, the next time we throw a down-home Mississippi Fish Fry, I'll show you how we really get down in the south!

Fish ready to be fried.....

...frying up in the pan

Wow, look at how crispy golden brown that is!

I could go for another piece of that right now! I love a great Chef's Salad and Spaghetti with my fried fish...what about you????

--Dr. April

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