Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Night Market @ The Nashville Farmers Market

Night Market @ The Nashville Farmers Market

During the warmer Summer and Fall months, The Nashville Farmers Market has a monthly "Night Market". The market stays open past the regular hours and there is plenty of food and fun! They have a couple of bands come in to entertain the crowds. There are also a few Food Trucks lined up in addition to the everyday Farmer's Market Restaurants. Check out pics from my night at the Nashville Farmer's Market below.......

Garden Art

...More Garden Art

Autumn Squash and Pumkins

Pickled Eggs Anyone??????

Local Tennessee Honey

Fresh Tomatoes

Beautiful Pomegranates

Salt Pork Bacon for seasoning
Salt Pork


This was my first time ever seeing Purple and Cheddar Cauliflower! The colors are beautiful!

Cheddar Cauliflower...another first for me!

These Asparagus Spears are lovely as well!


Watermelon Radishes


I love decorated pumpkins!

This Cheese was great!

I love this display!

Sampling Cheese.....

Flavored Kettle corn

I love old fashion scales!



Bridgette - owner of Betty Jo's Homemade Slaw...It was Great!

Betty Jo's Gourmet Slaw

Spin Wheels Cotton Candy

Italian Soda from The Sugar Wagon

Italian Soda

A Pig Statue @ B&C BBQ

B&C BBQ has some of the Best Grits around! Look at all the various flavors they have!

Buffalo Chicken Grits - Fantastic!

Whew....What a night!! I hate that this was the last Night Market for the season but I look forward to next year!

--Dr. April

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