Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gumbo Anyone??

Gumbo Anyone??

My friend, Karesse, recently hosted an Election Watch Party 2012 at her lovely home with all things Red, White and Blue! She and her mother, Elaine Brown, cooked up a TOTALLY AWESOME pot of Gumbo!

Ms. Elaine, as we say in the south, "put her foot in that Gumbo!!!!" For those of you not from the south or not familiar with that phrase, to say someone "put their foot in [said dish]"  means that the home-cooked dish/meal is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Red, White and Blue Jello Shot...How cute?!?!

More Jello Shots

My friend Karesse stirring up that Gumbo!

One Word - AMAZING!

And, of course, good wine always makes a party better!

It looks like I need to request Karesse and Ms Elaine to cook up another pot of Gumbo very soon....YUM YUM!

--Dr. April

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  1. The presentation is nice! I bet that is so tasty. Post more and save me a plate next time!