Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy - Wrapper's Delight

Food Truck Frenzy - Wrapper's Delight

With names like The PB Cool J, The Triple Six Tilapia and The Big Punisher, you must either be waiting in line for a hip hop concert or Nashville's ONLY hip hop Food Truck - Wrapper's Delight.

The concept behind this truck is so cool that I stopped by just to see what it was all about and left a fan of the great wraps that owner, Sean, cooks up inside this delightful hip-hop food truck! I was treated to beats by Justin Timberlake as I waited for Sean to prepare my Triple Six Tilapia wrap (BTW - I love Justin Timberlake!).

The Triple Six Tilapia - Grilled Tilapia with Coconut Cream Rice, Cilantro, Chopped Almonds, Bacon, Plantains, & Fresh Lime on a Spinach Wrap

There were so many great flavors in this wrap that I didn't know that to expect next. The Coconut rice was absolutely amazing....Yum!

The New Orleans Style Voodoo Chips were pretty tasty too!

I will certainly be back for more!

You can find the Wrapper's Delight Food Truck on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website @ www.WrappersDelightTruck.com

--Dr. April
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