Monday, September 24, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy - Sum Yum Yum Food Truck

Food Truck Frenzy - Sum Yum Yum Food Truck

I follow quite a few Nashville Food Trucks on Twitter hoping to catch their daily location updates.

On my birthday this year, I was driving home from the office and saw the Sum Yum Yum Food Truck sitting in a parking lot on 8th Ave and made a U-turn (yes I made a U-turn) to visit the truck. I have been following them on Twitter for a while so I was glad to finally find them!

I enjoyed talking to Kong, the owner of the Truck. He is originally from Laos and owns the truck along with his wife. They moved to Nashville from the East Coast and have operated this food truck since April 2012.

They make everything fresh on the truck - no packaged sandwiches here!

The Menu

Laotian Egg Rolls - I waited to eat the egg rolls until I arrived home but, these Egg rolls are so good that I literally wanted to get back in my car, drive to find the Sum Yum Yum Truck again and order about 20 more! They are THAT good!

The Egg roll is made with turkey, carrots, onions, black pepper and eggs

This sandwich is called a BanhMi and has excellent flavor! This BanhMi in particular is the Mellow Yellow Beef - made with special homemade mayonnaise, carrot and dalkon slaw, English cucumber, and cilantro.

You can find them online at as well as Facebook and Twitter.

I will be on the lookout for the Sum Yum Yum Food Truck again very soon!

--Dr. April