Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dessert Tasting @ Bound'ry

Dessert Tasting @ Bound'ry

I recently attended a Dessert tasting at Bound'ry restaurant in Nashville. Bound'ry was welcoming their new Pastry Chef, Jessica Collins, and wanted to showcase her talents to the community. This was a great idea because her creations are wonderful!

What a beautiful cake!

Cookies.....Sugar, Lemon Cardamom Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Blondie and Brownies

Smore Torte

Cupcakes - Red Velvet, Apple Spice, Carrot, and Irish Car Bomb (What a cool name!!)

Pastry Chef Jessica also baked desserts of the Vegan variety - Banana Coconut Cookie, Strawberry Cupcake and Lemon cupcake
The Apple Spice Cupcake was one of my favorites

Spiced Beet Cake

Banana Pudding - Awesome!

Banana Pudding again.......

The General Manager of Bound'ry, Otis Smith, was very welcoming to me and all the guests at the dessert tasting. He is excited that Jessica has joined the Bound'ry team and invites you all to come and try out her pastry creations!

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--Dr. April

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