Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bound'ry Rolls Out New Spring Menu

Bound'ry Rolls Out New Spring Menu

        As I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago, Bound'ry Restaurant in Nashville has rolled out a fabulous new menu and I got to be one of the first people to taste it! I've been raving it about it all week and showing the pics of the amazing Hanging Meat and Cheese Board on my iPhone to all of my friends! Let me take you on a photographic journey of what I enjoyed that night :-)

They have a wonderful new selection of cocktails for you to enjoy. I tried two of them and they were both delicious :-)
Bound'ry Nashville

Bound'ry Nashville

My first cocktail was the Pimm's Royal Cup made with Pimm's Ginger Beer, Cucumber. Strawberry, Mint, Cava
Bound'ry Nashville

The Hanging Meats and Cheese Board - "the ultimate adult lunchable'! I could not get over how creative this Shared plate is. It was all delicious!
Bound'ry Nashville

Executive Chef Phillip Shyatt sharing some info on the new menu items. Great job Chef Phillip!
Chef Phillip Shyatt

Braised Rabbit & Ricotta Tortellini with Ricotta, braised vegetable ragout, pine nuts, chanterelles, veal marrow butter
Bound'ry Nashville

Smoked South Texas Antelope - 7 Spice rubbed, sweet corn succotash southwestern bbq, white truffle mash. I'd head great reviews about this dish before so I'm so glad I was able to finally try it. It was delicious, especially with the sweet corn succotash!
Bound'ry Nashville

Bourbon Belly Tacos - crispy Belle Meade smoked bacon, hot pepper jam, sesame, line slaw, whipped egg, flour tortilla. I literally could have eaten these all night! They are fabulous! They have the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors...awesome!
Bound'ry Nashville

Ahhhhhh....there's that beautiful Hanging Meats and Cheese Tray again :-)
Bound'ry Nashville

Bound'ry Nashville

The first words that came out of my mouth when I ate the dish below was "Oh my gosh, this is gooooo!" There are so many great coordinating flavors here that I don't know where to start. The Tuna is perfectly seared and salty on the outside and is balanced by the great Tuna flavor on the inside. Adding avocado and sweet potato chips to this dish was a brilliant idea!

Tuna 2 Ways -  5 Spice seared & Ginger sake Tartare, cucumber, avocado, sweet potato chips, Wasabi mayo, basil paint, Himalayan Sea Salt.
Bound'ry Nashville

Bound'ry Nashville

Rack of Lamb - I enjoyed this Rack of Lamb sampling - New Zealand Lamb lathered rosemary, mustard, sae butter, brussel sprouts, roasted fingerling potatoes, fig-merlot balsamic
Bound'ry Nashville

I loved the black cherries in this cocktail.....
Bound'ry Nashville

We were then treated to a fantastic sampling of desserts crafted by Pastry chef Jessica Collins
Bound'ry Nashville

This Fruity Pebble Creme Brulee was one of my favorites :-) Yes, those are real Fruity Pebbles on top!
Bound'ry Nashville

I don't know what it was with the cherries at Bound'ry that evening, but everything they touch turned to Gold! They are delicious, especially with this dessert :-)
Bound'ry Nashville

Bound'ry Nashville

You can find Bound'ry online at

- Dr. April

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Southern Steak & Oyster Breakfast

A Southern Breakfast at The Southern Steak & Oyster

The Southern Steak and Oyster

            I recently joined some of my fellow Nashville Food Bloggers for Breakfast at The Southern Steak and Oyster. Usually our group gets together for evening dinners so I was really shocked at how many of us showed up for Breakfast on a Thursday morning. If you work in the downtown Nashville area or are in the downtown area on vacation, for business meeting, etc. you should surely add breakfast at The Southern to your To-Do list!

I've featured The Southern HERE on my blog before......

        The Southern stays true to their name and provides a great breakfast menu complete with Chicken and Waffles (YES!), creamy grits (YES!), bacon and sausage (YES!) and buttermilk biscuits (YES PLEASE!).......

The Southern Steak and Oyster

The Southern Steak and Oyster

I was on the way to my office that morning, hence the scrubs. I had a great time with my fellow Nashville food bloggers. Hey ladies :-)
The Southern Steak and Oyster

The Southern also has a private dining room that is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings, private parties, etc. It's actually where we dined  that morning. I'm always being asked by friends and my blog followers for recommendations of restaurants with private rooms and this is one for you to add to the list!

You can find The Southern online at

 150 3rd Ave S.
Nashville, TN

-- Dr. April

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rumours Wine Bar

Rumours Wine Bar - Nashville

Rumours Wine Bar Nashville

I have a special treat for you all today! I've had an intern working with me this semester and this is her first guest post here on my blog. Katrina has a background working for a wine company so she set out to interview one of Nashville's favorite wine bars - Rumours Wine Bar. With two locations, one in the Gulch and the other in East Nashville, Rumours Wine Bar has two major sides of town covered! Enjoy Katrina's overview below............


           Last year, Rumours Wine Bar moved from its original 12South location to the ground floor of the Icon building, tucked away at the corner of 12th & Division. Situated on the backside of the Gulch, the new location is fantastic, and the same can be said for the atmosphere. Good weather has arrived and luckily, the patio is simultaneously spacious and cozy, providing the perfect spot for a Saturday afternoon, date night, or drinks after work. Inside, rustic tables are contrasted by polished fixtures and an elegant bar, complete with a library-inspired wall.

            Jenn Doherty McCarthy serves as the house sommelier and managing partner, and exemplifies the approachable sophistication that is Rumours.  Hailing from the East Coast, she worked her way up in the restaurant industry by starting out as a server, and eventually taking on the position of becoming a manager at the renowned Fore Street in Portland, Maine. Jenn made the move to Nashville when she joined the management at Watermark, and has since developed an affection for both the city and the South.

           Labeling herself as a people-pleaser, Jenn jokingly explains that the process of wine selection can be a struggle due to her people-pleasing nature and Irish-Catholic guilt. She has an affinity for Old World wines, but she’s found that many customers prefer varietals from Australia and California.  Despite the conflict, the result is a complete and extensive wine list, that spans regions as well as flavor profiles.  “So much of Rumours is making customers feel comfortable. Nashville’s not really a wine town, so we want everyone to feel like we’re here to help them learn, as well as be known as the go-to place for wine enthusiasts,” Jenn explains.

            Jenn has developed her own approach when determining the ideal wine for a guest. She asks a series of three questions before she makes her recommendation: Red or white? Light or heavy? Fruity or earthy? She encourages guests to be adventurous and promises to buy your drink if she steers you wrong.

            Another resource for new Rumours customers are the pairings Jenn prepared for me. These wine pairings are perfectly complimentary to the given dishes based on the differing characteristics and structures of the wines including acidity, tannin, sweetness, etc; and yes, they all taste as good as they look.

Rumours Wine Bar
Varietal: Cava
Producer: Avinyo
Region: Spain
Paired with: Fried Brussels Sprouts, Benton’s Bacon & Gouda cheese

Rumours Wine Bar

Rumours Wine Bar
Varietal: Riesling
Producer: Lola
Region: California
Paired with: Scallops with Spicy Almond & Hazelnut Romesco

Rumours Wine Bar
 Varietal: Barbera d’Alba
Producer: Terre del Barolo
Region: Italy
Paired with: Italian Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil

           Food and wine: check. What kind of service can you expect at Rumours?  Walk-ins are welcome and the patio doesn’t usually fill up until after 6. Make a reservation on weekends, as they tend to be busier and Rumours makes it a point not to hover over tables or appear anxious to seat the next party. “We treat our customers well. We want to be gracious and facilitate an experience. You should feel comfortable regardless of how much you’re ordering or spending, there’s no rush.”

            The attitude ranks among my favorite things about Rumours, but here’s another; Jenn prides herself on offering drink specials 7 days a week, from 4 to 7 p.m. With $6 cocktails, $5 wines, and $3 drafts, she cites one of Rumours main goals as maintaining a reasonable price point while bringing customers value.

             Happy hour daily. Prime location. Gracious service. Exciting ambiance. Rumours exceeds typical expectations and takes it to a new level with an impeccable wine list that is sure to have something for everyone. This wine bar has already proven itself as a local staple in the Gulch, and is well on its way to becoming a Nashville mainstay.


Katrina Dougherty is a Chicago suburbanite who is studying, living, working, and interning in Nashville.  Katrina is passionate about writing, marketing, PR, and making lists.  Email her at:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vous Et Moi Pop-up Supper Coming soon!

Vous Et Moi Pop-Up Supper Coming Soon!

            Talented Nashville Chef Tiffani Rozier has a wonderful French-Inspired Pop-Up Supper planned for later this month, Friday April 25, 2014 at 7pm. Tiffani is known from her work at The Garden Brunch Cafe and her classes at Grow Local Kitchen. I recently got a hold of the fabulous menu Tiffani is planning that comes complete with wine pairings for only $80 per person. As with many pop-up dinners, diners won't know the secret location of the event until the day before the event. I can't wait for this to happen :-). Register to attend the Vous Et Moi Supper HERE.

Tiffani Rozier

Here's a look at the menu:
Bouchon Lyonnais: Vous et Moi


Salade Lyonnaise
A salad of bitter, woody frisee tossed with smoky lardon and topped with a rich, silky poached egg

Salade de Lentilles à la Lyonnaise
Classic bistro food from the Lyon region of France, warm Lentils du Puy, served with potatoes, Lyon sausage, dressed with a light vinaigrette

Charcuterie Board
Plateau de charcuterie du Lyon Rosette de Lyon - Poulet pâté de foie - Pâté en croute - Rillette du Canard - Cervelas de Lyon - Saucisson Sec de Canard

Quenelle de le Mérou, sauce Nantua
Light, airy, fish dumplings in a rich crayfish sauce

Bavette à l’échalote
Pan fried skirt steak with sauteed shallots and red wine

Aile de raie aux câpres
Skate wing poached in court bouillon finished with capers and a brown butter sauce

Haricots Verts a la Lyonnaise
French green beans sautéed in butter and onion finished with fresh parsley

Plateau de fromages
Cheese Plate
Assorted local and French cheeses | Pate de Fruit
Local Honey | Toasted baguette

A custom box of locally made French desserts from Dozen Bakery and Sweet Darling Patisserie

-- Dr. April

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tennessee Moonshine

Tennessee Moonshine - Did you know??

Moonshine used to only be available if you knew somebody who knew somebody! Today the story is different and Tennessee has a long and storied history of manufacturing the white lightening, bath tub gin, corn liquor or if you like, just plain ole shine! There are a number of Moonshine distilleries around Tennessee and Marriott Hotels wants you to know that you can take a tour of these distilleries right from one of their Tennessee Hotels!

This infographic below is powered by Marriott :

Tennessee moonshine

You can also follow this link to see an enlarged version of the above graphic

I've been interested in the history of Tennessee Moonshine for quite some time so this sounds like a pretty cool adventure that I need to try soon!

- Dr. April

Thursday, April 10, 2014

McCabe Pub hosts Crawfish Boil to Benefit the LAM Foundation

McCabe Pub hosts Crawfish Boil to benefit the LAM Foundation


McCabe Pub Crawfish Boil


             McCabe Pub will host its second annual crawfish boil on Saturday, April 19 from 3 – 8 p.m. in the parking lot of its Sylvan Park location at 4410 Murphy Road in Nashville.  The event will include all-you-can-eat crawfish and three drink tickets for $30 per person, a cash bar, live music and other entertainment. All proceeds will benefit the LAM Foundation, which seeks safe and effective treatments and ultimately a cure for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).  McCabe Pub’s co-owner, Stefanie Dean Brown, was diagnosed with LAM in October 2010 and continues treatment.
            “Many of our guests at McCabe Pub are longtime regulars, and they feel more like family than customers,” said Katie Dean, co-owner and Stefanie’s sister. “They know about Stefanie’s condition and have asked how they can help, so we started this annual fundraiser last year for the LAM Foundation to help find a cure for this disease.”
              Last year’s inaugural event raised more than $15,000 for the LAM Foundation, and this second annual event is expected to surpass last year’s totals. Tickets are available online at, and will also be available at the door on event day, cash or check only.


About The LAM Foundation

The LAM Foundation is the global leader in the fight against Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). The Foundation began in 1995 as a grass roots effort and has evolved into an organization that is described by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) as "a model for voluntary health agencies." Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Foundation embodies all of the elements required to move LAM research from the laboratory to the clinic. The Foundation embraces women with LAM and their families, provides support and education, engages doctors and scientists, and raises funds for the study of LAM. With the funding of promising research as our central mission, the Foundation has elevated LAM from the ranks of rare and forgotten diseases into the minds of many experts in pulmonary medicine. The LAM Foundation funded the first LAM research that resulted in the fundamental understanding of the genetic cause of LAM and the first ever LAM treatment trial. It is amazing how far LAM research has come in such a short period of time, thanks especially to the many researchers who have helped to make this disease a research priority. LAM and Tuberous Sclerosis researchers have identified a wealth of potential molecular targets and experimental therapies that may be appropriate for testing in clinical trials. Many of these drugs are FDA-approved or in development for other indications.

- Dr. April

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4th Annual Savor Nashville Event Announces Celebrity Chefs

4th Annual Savor Nashville Event Announces Celebrity Chefs

Savor Nashville

           Savor Nashville, Music City’s annual culinary weekend, returns for a fourth year of food events on May 29 and 31, which will be centered around visiting celebrity chefs, fine products, and culinary competition.

           The Celebrity Chef Dinner, in partnership with the celebrity chef tour, will take place on Thursday, May 29 at 7 p.m. at the Hutton Hotel. Visiting James Beard nominated celebrity chefs will prepare a high-end multiple course dinner with wine pairings. Featured celebrity chefs include:

Frank Bonanno of Mizuna and Luca d'Italia, Denver 

Gerard Craft of Niche, St. Louis 

Michael Ginor of Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Hudson Valley New York 

Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Cafe, St. Louis 

Andy Tincer and Michael Hudman, Hog and Hominy, Memphis 

Charles Phillips of 1808 Grille in the Hutton Hotel, Nashville

            Tickets to the events are available now at Individual tickets are $160 for the Celebrity Chef Dinner and $35 for Challenge to the Chefs. An all-access pass is available for $185 per person. Tables of 10 for the Celebrity Chef Dinner are available for $1,400.

A portion of proceeds benefit Second Harvest Food Bank and the James Beard Foundation.

           “This highly anticipated culinary weekend will inevitably bring about memorable meals and conversations about the latest food trends both here in Nashville and across the country,” said Brian Barry, publisher of Nashville Lifestyles magazine. “We have some wonderful local chefs and local ingredients in the works to add to the event that we will be excited to announce soon.”

          Local favorite, “Challenge to the Chefs Brunch” will take place on Saturday, May 31 from 10 a.m. until noon at The Bridge Building. Nashville’s top chefs will compete in a cook off using locally produced ingredients provided to them. Guests will sample their unique creations while enjoying cocktails and live entertainment. A panel of judges will name the winner, and guests also will be able to vote for their favorite dishes.

           For more information on the events and participating chefs, visit Nashville Lifestyles online.
Savor Nashville is sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, City National Bank, The Doug Jeffords Co., Inc., Electrolux, Ford Lincoln of Franklin, Hutton Hotel, J. Michael's Clothiers, Rosemary Beach, Yelp, and Nashville Lifestyles.

-- Dr. April